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Melin Tool Product Portfolio Brochure of End Mills and Cutting Tools


Melin Tool Product Portfolio Brochure
A comprehensive view of products and services offered by Melin

  • Released August 2016 with many new high performance tools added
  • Easy to use for sales presentations and product selection
  • Provides key features, benefits and applications for end mill styles
  • Simplifies searching through a catalog to find alternative tool styles
  • Completely updated with all Melin Tool products and services

Most catalogs create difficulty in seeing all the choices a line provides to a customer. With today's increasing choices of styles, especially with high performance tools designed for very specific applications, it becomes problematic and time consuming to find tools to evaluate.

This portfolio is designed to help simplify that process. All the basic styles are shown. Tool variations (radius, ball nose, long lengths, etc.) are combined to eliminate extra page turning. This handy, easy-to-use brochure does not replace our catalog. It is designed to be used in addition to it.


Our Portfolio Brochure includes the following cutting tools:

  • 45 different series of High Performance End Mills and Drills
  • End Mills - Solid Carbide, M42 and M7 HSS, and Powdered Metal
  • Countersinks- Carbide and M42 and M7 HSS
  • Solid Carbide Drills, Burs & Thread Mills
  • High Performance and Conventional
  • Inch and Metric Sizes - Standard
  • Custom Designed Cutting Tools
  • In-House Coating and Honing Capabilities
  Melin products and services are available exclusively through a select network of local industrial distributors throughout North America and in over 25 other countries around the world. We also provide technical field support by regional representatives and field engineers. Melin is there when needed... working to make their customers more productive and providing them the competitive edge to achieve success.
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