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We operate our own, in-house PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating center to provide our customers with the highest level of consistency in coating composition and the most flexibility in coating selection. We’ve chosen Platit coating centers due to the superior performance of their coating process. With Platit’s revolutionary and patented LARC® (Lateral Rotating Cathodes) and CERC® (Central Rotating Cathodes) technologies, we are able to provide far greater consistency and superior adhesion for its conventional coatings, as well as unique, specially-tailored coatings designed for enhancing performance.
Recently, we added Platit’s new π311 unit to our bank of π80s. With more than 3 times the chamber capacity of our other units, we now have the ability to do next generation high performance triple coatings. Our new equipment enables us to coat more tools, provide more coatings types and to do so with shorter setups and changeover time. Equally important, we can provide our customers with unique coatings for their specific application to truly maximize the performance achievable with Melin cutting tools.
Standard coatings (Tin, TiCN, and AlTiN) are available for the same cost on most of Melin’s tools. Other coatings such as ZrN, (for aluminum), nACo (for difficult to machine materials and for hardened steel), CVD Diamond and PVD Amorphours Diamond are also available.
To order standard coated tools, add -TiN, -TiCN, or -AlTiN after the tool name or change the first digit of the EDP to 2 for TiN, 4 for TiCN, or 5 for AlTiN. nACo, ZrN, CVD, and PVD are offered in specific series throughout this catalog or by special request.
Our “PREFERRED COATING” for each series is listed with part #’s throughout the catalog.
Platit Coating Center 1 Platit 311 Coating Center

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Test Melin PVD Coatings and prove to yourself… not all coatings are the same!

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