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EXMG Series 3-Flute, High Performance Solid Carbide End Mills
for Machining Aluminum Alloys

Designed to maximize metal removal rates in applications on Aluminum Alloys where significant volumes of material must be machined.

  • Removes more material in far less time than 2 flute tools
  • Controls chip form for fastest evacuation
  • Achieves 30-50% higher metal removal rates than most competitor’s high performance end mills for aluminum
  • Slotting up to 1 ½ x D axial depth
  • Outstanding performance in heavy slotting, deep profiling and pocketing applications
  • 3 Flute – 50% more chip load per revolution
  • Unique geometry with special C-land provides maximum chip control and enables higher metal removal rates
  • Capable of Plunging AND Ramping operations
  • Leaves outstanding floor finishes
  • ZrN coated for added lubricity, aiding in preventing chips from sticking to flutes
  • For even finer floor finishes, ask for the EXMG Series end mill with a “wiper flat” (just add a “W” to the part #)
Hundreds of sizes available! Click here for a complete list of Melin's EXMG High Performance End Mills for Aluminum.
Reconditioning of tools also available
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