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Solid Carbide Drills - High Performance  
Melin Tool High Performance Carbide Drills for high performance drilling on CNC machines - Sub-Micron substrate with 10% cobalt - 2 Flute, 140 degree self centering point - Unique flute geometry and edge preparation for more efficient drilling and chip evacuation - nACo coated for greates wear resistance - Common shanks enable more precise and rigid tool holding - For drilling high strength ferrous materials up to 48 HRc - Tools steels - Stainless Steels - Titanium - Nickel Based Alloys - Cast Iron - Available in solid and coolant hole styles - Made in the USA Melin Tool CDR Series Coolant Hole Style Carbide Drills - Helical Coolant Holes through each flute - 3X,5X, and 7X Drilling Depths - Available as standard in drill diameters in Inch (from 1/16 to 3/4) and metric (from 2mm to 20mm) Melin Tool MDR Series Carbide Drills - Minimum 4xD drilling depths - Available as standard in drill diameters in inch from .469 to .750 in fractional, number, and letter sizes - Available in metric from 1.5mm to 16mm

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