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High Performance Solid Carbide Drills - Series MDR

Great for CNC machine applications in all strength ferrous metals such 
as Tool Steels, Titanium and Nickel Based Alloys

Superior drill performance at LOWER tool costs

Advanced nACo Coating 
• High heat & wear resistance in tough
applications, especially steel alloys
• Allows the drill to run WITHOUT coolant

Special Edge Preparation 
• Better cutting action
• Longer tool life with 140° included drill

Strength & Rigidity 
• Shorter, unique drill lengths and thick
web for strength and rigidity
• For use on broad range of JOB SHOP

Notched, Self Centering Point Design
• Allows for free cutting by reducing power
• Lowering temperatures to provide EXTENDED
TOOL life

Length & Common Shank
• All sizes have at least a 4xD drill length to cover a broad range 
of applications
• Precise and economical tool holding with fewer tool holders

• High Performance drills delivers the volume and
accuracy of holes you want at a lower cost per tool!

HP Coolant Fed Drills in 3x, 5x 
& 7x also available (CDR-series) Search Melin MDR Drill Inventory Download Current Melin Tool Literature

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